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Helping you make difficult hiring cost effective
Are you recruiting for difficult-to-fill engineering, IT or other requisitions and have one tough IT job that's driving you (and your IT management) nuts...

But the thought of hiring a recruiter, or paying agency fees or contractor markup makes you cringe?

Most internal recruiting and HR resources can handle 80-90% of the jobs a company needs filled. Some of the ones you can't fill truly should go to specialist headhunting shops, with DEEP pockets of passive candidates and exceptional abilities to profile candidates.

But the rest simply are not worth spending huge dollars on. Still gotta be filled, but not for the money they want! IT jobs in particular seem to be difficult to fill because of the moving-target technologies and specialty niches.

You can fill those jobs with a part-time, Virtual Recruiter who is an expert at IT hires (and a few other special niches).

Get "spot-recruiting" help that won't break the bank.
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